Thursday, 3 July 2008


If you are considering the Wii Fit because you want to lose some weight, or tone up, or improve your fitness, then I can say without fear that this WILL provide you with all you need to achieve your goal. Whatever your current activity level, Wii Fit has something to help you improve.

Nintendo should be congratulated on not just throwing out a quick fitness gimmick, but on taking the time to really cover all aspects of fitness OF THE Wii Fit . Not only have I used this every day, but I wake up looking forward to my next shot! I spend time working on my posture and balance - which is built into some great games but which are also very insightful, and a bit of an eyeopener. The Balance Board is so well created that, in seconds, it was able to tell a friend of mine that he slouches, has terrible posture, and explained exactly what he was doing wrong, and how he could correct it.

There are so many things you can do with this, the board is excellent to use and while you may get bored with exercising you will always have that elusive high score to beat that will keep you motivated like any good game. Jogging on the spot never struck me as a particularly difficult exercise however trying it at home has proved a very worthwhile activity that takes quite a bit of effort and one of these days I WILL catch that Mii! There are lots of different activities to go at, I have to say I have left the muscle work out alone for while until I can face doing press ups in front of the post man. The whole point of this seems to be to enjoy what you are doing and I can honestly say that I do, this coming from a man who whenever he thought about exercise, used to lay out on the sofa until the thought had passed.


Tuesday, 1 July 2008


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